Lib Dems choose GP as election hopeful

CW-chron-301008 Voters will have the chance to support a long serving GP at the next general election.

Dr Charles West, a member of South Shropshire District Council, has been appointed by Shrewsbury and Atcham Liberal Democrats as their parliamentary candidate.


Dr West said he was looking forward to the possibility of fighting for a better National Health Service. He said: “For me, as a doctor, I suppose that the NHS has to be one of the key issues. I am seriously concerned at the damage being done to the NHS by government policies of fragmentation and privatisation, and unless someone stands up for the NHS soon, we shall lose the local and trusted service that we have been used to.”

Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrats, said he was delighted with the appointment. He said: “I know Charles West has campaigned well and worked hard for the people of Shropshire and there is no doubt he will make an excellent MP for Shrewsbury.”

District councillor Heather Kidd added: “Charles will be a formidable candidate. I look forward to working with him on sensible policies for Shropshire.

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