MPs need to re-think their views on Privacy.

Think twice before you write to your MP.

Yesterday the government withdrew its shameless attempt to exempt MPs from the Freedom of Information Act. On the same day we learnt that Daniel Kawczynski has handed over private correspondence to the police. To his credit Daniel Kawczynski has acknowledged that he handed it over “To my great embarrassment and eternal shame.”

There is an unfortunate irony that many MPs, both Conservative and Labour, were seeking to keep their expense claims secret on the grounds that MPs needed privacy for their correspondence with constituents. Yet at the same time a letter from a resident of Shrewsbury and Atcham had his or her personal correspondence handed to the police.

“The police need to be able to investigate serious crime,” said Liberal Democrat campaigner Dr Charles West, “and MPs like GPs can be compelled by the courts to release information, but they should not do so voluntarily. It would seem that Daniel Kawczynski clearly regrets his mistake on this occasion and we can put it down to lack of experience. I hope that no lasting damage has been done to the confidence that constituents have in approaching their MP.”

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