Children need more opportunities to learn

The Cambridge Review of Primary Education today claims that children’s education is being impoverished by rigid testing. Professor Robin Alexander’s team describes  a rigid testing regime, with more than half of all class room time spent on the core subjects of maths and English, with virtually all other topics squeezed out. “The most conspicuous casualties are the arts, the humanities and those kinds of learning in all subjects which require time for talking, problem- solving and the extended exploration of ideas.”

His report was welcomed by Local Campaigner Dr Charles West. “Shrewsbury Liberal Democrats recently held a series of seminars on education and there was a widespread view that primary schoolchildren are the subject of too much testing. Our group would be keen to see the end of SATs for 7 year olds. We would particularly like to see children being able to experience more the excitement of discovering science.

In this town, the birthplace of Darwin and in his 200th anniversary, we need to re-awaken the enthusiasm for science. It is through the development of scientific discovery that we can earn our place in the world. Britain has relied for too long on the financial sector.

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