"One Council" should solve Schools issue" – Baroness Walmsley

walmsley The Liberal Democrat Spokesperson on D.C.S.F in the Lords, Baroness Walmsley, has strongly criticised Shropshire Council’s schools policy. She asserts it is the top priority for the new Council after June 4th elections.
"Shropshire and neighbouring Tory Hereford – are unique nationally in their proposals for mass closure of primary Schools, "said Lady Walmsley. "While the independent Commission is to be welcomed, the schools issue will be the first and greatest matter in the new council’s in-tray on June 5th.
The proposals are vandalism of an unprecedented and monumental scale. Clearly, a commission should have met before developing a new policy – not after it had met public revolt! And to isolate the primary sector made no sense at all."
Liberal Democrat peers supported the Unitary proposals "Which”, said Liberal Democrat Leader Peter Phillips, "are now bearing fruit – a Council Tax Freeze and £10million extra into front-line services."
"The local Liberal Democrats’ position on both Unitary Council and Primary Schools is well-founded and principled, "said Baroness Walmsley "There clearly are issues with Shropshire’s level of government funding (bottom 5) – but,  while there can be no blank cheque, it is extraordinary that the Conservatives have not considered Education a priority for Unitary Council support".
Contact:    Peter Phillips 01588 650625
                Heather Kidd 01938 561651

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