Liberal Democrats Greener than ever

Liberal Democrats’ commitment to the environment was underlined at this week’s conference by no less than four major policy debates.

Dr Charles West Parliamentary Candidate for Shrewsbury and Atcham said: “One policy stressed the importance of preserving green spaces, and making access to green space available to all. This is vital for Shrewsbury. It is important, for example to preserve the green corridor between Bayston Hill and Shrewsbury.

“The Liberal Democrats have long been regarded as being the party most committed to green issues. We know that global warming can only be controlled if we all take action, as individuals, families, communities nations and internationally. There is little point in one country reducing their CO2 production if other countries carry on regardless, so international cooperation is vital.

Liberal Democrats are committed to a decentralised energy generation policy with wind, tide and solar power producing increasing amounts of electricity. At the same time we need to press on with energy conservation, better insulation of our buildings, and more use of local electricity generation where we can capture the heat instead of wasting it through cooling towers.

Why not nuclear?

“Despite its advantages in terms of low CO2 production, nuclear power brings its own problems with the disposal of radioactive waste. More crucially nuclear power stations could not be built in time to meet CO2 reduction targets. What is more the nature of nuclear power generation makes it incompatible with widespread use of renewable energy.

Care of the Countryside

“Opponents of Shrewsbury’s proposed incinerator will be glad to know that the Liberal Democrats re-affirmed their commitment to the hierarchy of waste management, with reduced waste production, re-using bags and containers, and the maximum possible recycling all taking priority over energy from waste schemes. The need for urgent development of newer, cleaner technologies was also stressed. This

Buildings and transport

“In other sessions Liberal Democrats called for greater control of rail fares, and better insulation of our buildings. The money wasted by the Labour government on a temporary 2% reduction in VAT could have gone a long way to improving insulation in our schools, hospitals and public buildings.”


For more information contact:

Dr Charles West

Shrewsbury and Atcham Liberal Democrats

Photo caption: Simon Hughes MP Shadow Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, with Dr Charles West Parliamentary Candidate for Shrewsbury and Atcham.

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