Lib Dem Doctor could win in Shrewsbury

Lib Dem Doctor could win in Shrewsbury

Lib Dems ahead of Labour, and Doctors most trusted, in latest poll

A new MORI survey has placed the Liberal Democrats over Labour and concluded that the British people trust Doctors more than any other group of professionals.[1]

Dr. Charles West, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Shrewsbury and Atcham, said: “Trust in politicians is at an all-time low; people are looking for real change.”

“Having been a GP in Shropshire for most of my life, I want to use my experience and local knowledge to serve local people and make a real difference.  Too many MPs have never worked in the real world, so they struggle to understand the real world.”

Commenting on the rise of the Lib Dems over Labour, Dr. Charles West said: “It’s clear that the Labour government is in meltdown.  Only the Liberal Democrats can challenge the Conservatives in Shrewsbury and Atcham.”

The latest voting trends in Shropshire also put the Lib Dems above Labour.  In both the Shropshire Unitary and European elections of 2009 the Liberal Democrat vote exceeded the Labour vote.

In Shrewsbury, where the Liberal Democrats had a candidate they increased their share of the vote by over 6% in the Shropshire Unitary elections.  Labour’s share declined by 3.5%.


[1] Asked “How would you vote if there was a General Election tomorrow?” 25% responded Liberal Democrat compared to 24% for Labour.

Asked for each profession “Would you tell me whether you generally trust them to tell the truth or not” 92% of respondents said that they trust doctors, compared to 13% for politicians generally.

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