Local Action Day on Unemployment

The Liberal Democrat Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary, Prof. Steve Webb MP., is heading to Shrewsbury on Wednesday 7 October to discuss plans for tackling rising unemployment in a series of discussions with local stakeholders and members of the public.

Prof. Steve Webb MP will meet local unemployed people, staff on the front line of unemployment issues and business leaders.  He will also make some statements about latest Liberal Democrat policies in the area of Work and Pensions.

Dr Charles West, local campaigner and the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Shrewsbury and Atcham, said: “We need urgent action on unemployment.  In Shropshire the number of people out of work has increased by 84.5% in the past year.[1] The Lib Dems would help people get back to work, with no delays.”

The Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary, Prof. Steve Webb MP., said: “We should scrap the pointless VAT cut immediately and use the money to create thousands of paid internships for young people to prevent them becoming the lost generation of this recession.”

“Unemployment assistance needs to be more personalised and JobCentre staff need to be given the resources necessary to help people get back on their feet quickly.”
“Young people should be getting intensive support as soon as they sign on instead of having to wait a year for a guarantee of a job or training place.  We promise young adults that they will not be unemployed for longer than 90 days before we find them work or training.”

“With vacancies at a record low, it is vital that we prevent today’s school and university leavers from becoming a lost generation of long-term unemployed.”


[1] http://www.shropshire.gov.uk/factsfigures.nsf/open/CBAC00139958E6DC8025748800336538

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