Acute Hospital Stays are bad for dementia

Dr Charles West commenting on today’s report from the Alzheimer’s Society said

“Another group of Shrewsbury patients are suffering because of the lack of intermediate care beds. The report suggests that half of demented patients admitted to acute hospitals come out in a worse condition than when they went in.

“It is right and proper that any patient with an acute illness should be admitted to an acute hospital bed. But as soon as the acute condition has been dealt with they would be better cared for in a less stressful environment.

“The report urges the NHS to reduce the stay in hospital for patients with dementia and says that this would save the NHS £80m per year. The problem for Shrewsbury is that there is nowhere else for patients to go. Sending patients home before they are ready is not the solution either. Shrewsbury needs intermediate care, or community beds for patients who are ready to leave the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital. This report shows that it is not good for patients to stay longer than they need in an acute hospital, but nor is it fair for patients and their families to have to travel to the far end of the county for a community bed.”

Dr Charles West
Parliamentary Candidate Shrewsbury and Atcham Liberal Democrats

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