Democracy, what democracy?


Fed up with politicians? Who votes for them? Who do they think they are serving?

Only 22% of people entitled to vote in the UK voted for this Labour Government.

Does that give them the right to ignore public opinion, ignore expert opinion and ride rough-shod over the citizens of Britain? With our current voting system it is common for more than half of voters to vote against the candidate that wins. There are other voting systems where every vote can count. In this country 16 and 17 year olds can work, pay income tax and join the army, but they cannot vote. Is this fair?

Daniel Kawczynski has set himself up as the champion of our unfair and out of date electoral system. Only 25% of Shrewsbury and Atcham electors voted for him, and he would like to keep the “first past the post” voting system that allowed that to happen. Is that a surprise?

Half the seats in the House of Commons never change; they remain Labour or Conservative year after year. Nick Clegg has pointed out that MPs in these “safe seats” are more likely to have been implicated in dodgy expenses claims.

Is it a surprise that voters are giving up on politicians?

Turnout at General Elections has fallen at each of the last four elections.

When we knock on doors nowadays more and more people say that they won’t bother voting. I am seriously worried about the future of democracy if the voters give up.

Unfortunately in his determination to hold onto the current unfair voting system Mr Kawczynski seems to have had a lapse of memory. He has repeatedly said that “not a single constituent has written to me or telephoned me or spoken to me about their desire to change the voting system.” I know of more than one person who has specifically approached him about this matter.

In the spirit of democracy I have set up a petition on my website for those who would like to see a fairer voting system, or who simply want to find out more. 

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