Shrewsbury Lib Dems host Lembit Opik MP

Lembit Opik MP has told Shrewsbury Liberal Democrats that local campaigner Dr Charles West has every chance of becoming the town’s next MP.

Speaking at the local party’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Friday evening, the guest speaker Opik said to party members: “You’ve got all the ingredients for an election victory here in Shrewsbury.  Most importantly, you have a candidate who is honest and truly committed to improving people’s lives.  The nation needs more people like Charles to go into politics.”

In his report to the local party as the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC), Dr Charles West said: “Trust in politicians is at an all-time low; people are looking for real change.”

“Having been a GP in Shropshire for most of my life, I want to use my experience and local knowledge to serve local people and make a real difference.  Too many MPs have never worked in the real world, so they struggle to understand the real world.”

Also during the AGM a presentation was made to the party’s longest serving member, Mary Jones, who has been actively involved as a campaigner and then councillor since 1945.  Martin Beardwell, Chair of Shrewsbury Liberal Democrats, gave Mary a bunch of flowers on behalf of the party and expressed everyone’s appreciation for her decades of hard work.


Lembit Opik MP and Dr Charles West PPC for Shrewsbury and Atcham
Shrewsbury Liberal Democrats make a presentation to Mary Jones.
Front Row, Anne Woolland, Martin Beardwell, Mary Jones, Charles West

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