Some Police are getting it right


I feel that I need to respond to Bernard Jones criticism of the police (Star letters 20th Nov).

I recently spent five hours out with Shrewsbury Police. It was a pretty wet and miserable night, but Shrewsbury was still alive with (mostly young) people out celebrating, or simply going about their business.

I was impressed by the courtesy shown by all the officers concerned. And I don’t mean here just the courtesy they extended to me, they showed courtesy to everyone they dealt with. I was left with the feeling that they were caring for our local community in a way that I find very familiar in the NHS. There was a very real police presence both on the beat and in cars. They were indeed taking the proactive approach that Mr Jones would like to see.

I was reminded of the professionalism that I have observed in previous dealings with the police. Much of that, of course has been as a doctor, either in casualty or as a GP, and often in rather sad circumstances such as a sudden or unexplained death. But I have also been involved with Community Police Officers when we have been investigating residents’ complaints about speeding traffic near schools and in residential areas.

One thing that was apparent to me was the high proportion of police work that resulted from the use of alcohol. When I discussed this with officers they confirmed that crimes associated with the taking of alcohol, and crimes associated with the acquisition of and dealing in illegal drugs accounted for much of their work. That, perhaps is a separate subject that your readers may wish to discuss.

Dr Charles West
Parliamentary Candidate: Shrewsbury and Atcham Liberal Democrats

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