Government Chaos in NHS provision

Local Liberal Democrats are concerned about NHS provision in Shrewsbury while the Government is mired in confusion about using private providers of healthcare.

Andy Burnham is facing criticism from both inside and outside the Labour party for reversing a twelve year policy of giving NHS contracts to private companies.

Dr Charles West, Local Liberal Democrat Campaigner said “It is difficult to know whether to laugh or cry. For twelve years Labour have followed the Tory line of introducing market competition and encouraging more and more private companies to make profits from the NHS. Now Andy Burnham is saying that the NHS should be the preferred provider of healthcare services. Shropshire has already wasted time and money on a private X-ray service that only lasted four months, and on a private clinic that was neither needed nor helpful. No Wonder Shropshire County PCT has no money for essential services like Community Beds, or developing services at Royal Shrewsbury Hospital.

“Across the Country money has been poured into private companies to pick of the profitable parts of healthcare and local services have suffered.

“Local residents are more concerned to keep services at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital (RSH). It is vital that emergency surgery and vascular surgery continue to available in Shrewsbury. “

Private companies and the CBI are fighting the Andy Burnham’s latest proposals and the Government is being accused of bowing to pressure from the unions. Documents uncovered by Norman Lamb, the Liberal Democrat health spokesman, suggest that Mr Burnham has met union representatives more than any other group since he became Health Secretary in June.

Picture:  Liberal Democrats meet to discuss the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital. From the left Dr Charles West, Parliamentary Candidate for Shrewsbury and Atcham, Lembit Opik MP for Montgomery, Heather Kidd Parliamentary Candidate for Ludlow.

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