Support for Cancer services

Shrewsbury’s Liberal Democrat campaigner Dr Charles West has spoken out in support of cancer charities this week.

Dr West said, “A number of constituents have asked me to support the Cancer Research UK campaign ‘Commit to Beat Cancer’ and I am very happy to do so. For anyone who wants to support a local cancer charity I would commend the Lingen Davies Cancer Relief Fund which has already raised £2.9million towards its £3 million target for a new cancer centre at Royal Shrewsbury Hospital. The new centre will provide services for treating Head and Neck and Haematological cancers.

Dr West continued “Shrewsbury’s treatment of haematological malignancies is amongst the best in the country and this new unit will make it possible for our dedicated staff to continue their excellent work.”


Cancer Research UK’s ‘Commit to Beat Cancer’ campaign seeks to:

  • Detect cancer earlier
  • Provide world-class cancer treatments
  • Prevent more cancers
  • Tackle cancer inequalities
  • Protect the UK’s research base

More details at

The Lingen Davies Cancer Centre Appeal  aims to raise in excess of £3m for a new building to provide new wards for the Head & Neck Unit, extend the existing Chemotherapy Day Unit and provide a new clinic for the Haematology Department at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital.

More details at

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