Break the two party system? It's broken already.


F Wilson, the author of your letter of the week makes some perceptive if rather cynical predictions about the forthcoming general election.

In response to the comment that “The poor old Liberal Democrats will be scratching their heads and wondering just what they have to do to break the two-party system” I would suggest that the current system is broken already. A combination of apathy and our unfair voting system meant that only 22% of the electorate voted Labour at the last election. Despite having the support of less than a quarter of the electorate Labour had a strong majority in the House of Commons that enabled them to carry any legislation they wanted.

What is more, half of the constituencies in the country never change party: they always return an MP of the same political party. With so many safe seats it can be no surprise that many politicians have become complacent.

It seems pretty clear to me that the system is broken. It just remains to be seen whether the voters want to see real change, or whether they just want to carry on with the flip-flop, red-blue, Labour-Conservative illusion of change that we have had for the last fifty years.


Dr Charles West

Parliamentary Candidate

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