Charity is more than just looking after ourselves.


The letter from Marc Dubois in tonight’s Star makes a marked contrast with that from our MP of two weeks ago. How sad and how inappropriate that our MP should encourage narrow minded and selfish behaviour at this time of year. Mr Kawczynski tells us that he believes that Charity begins at home. Perhaps he would do well to look at the origins of this saying. It was first attributed to Terence, the Roman satirist and comedian who wrote in Latin, of course, and whose character said in effect “I put myself first”. The phrase was used in English by another satirist and writer of comedies Richard Brinsley Sheridan. In his play ‘The School for Scandal’ Sheridan ridicules a rich and selfish character, Joseph Surface, who believes that ‘charity begins at home’: begins and ends at home. Sheridan’s character is found out, and shown up for what he is.

At this time of difficult economic conditions we need politicians who show leadership, not politicians who pander to peoples fears and narrow prejudice.


Dr Charles West

Parliamentary Candidate: Shrewsbury and Atcham Liberal Democrats

3 Bellstone,



tel:   07775 800744

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