Voters will make up their own minds


How amazing that Mr Kawczynski is begging votes from the Liberal Democrats – he must be feeling vulnerable.  

I note that first David Cameron, and then Gordon Brown have been keen to tell us all how close their policies were to those of the Liberal Democrats. From where I sit it seems rather that Labour and Conservative policies are very much the same and the Liberal Democrats are the party with something different to offer.

Both of them voted to invade Iraq, they both were in favour of deregulating the banks, they are both in favour of privatisation and fragmentation of the NHS. If the voters cannot make up their minds between the old red/blue flip-flop they might wish to try the party that is genuinely different. The party that would abolish Council tax, that would raise the starting point for income tax to £10,000, that would invest in childcare in training and in green employment opportunities, and the party that predicted the economic catastrophe that would come from two decades of a bubble based on debt.

In Shrewsbury that would also mean voting for a local family doctor who has spent a lifetime (well, most of a lifetime) attending to the needs of local people and who is determined to campaign for the NHS in Shrewsbury.

I am sure the residents of Shrewsbury will see through this desperate attempt by Mr Kawczynski to snap up votes.   It is clear that this time round the number of LibDem MPs will matter more than ever and the party would have considerable clout in the likely event of a hung parliament.

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