DAB radio doesn’t reach the parts FM can

I have to confess that I smiled when I read that radio broadcasters were requesting a delay to the switch off of analogue radio.

The Government’s proposal to makes us all switch over to digital radio was always a badly thought out plan. Large parts of Shropshire cannot receive digital radio signals and even if many more radio masts were erected there would still be some who would never be able to get a signal.

It is estimated that some 200 million radios, including nearly all car radios, would become useless if analogue broadcasts were stopped. So these radios will either be thrown away, causing chemical pollution or we will have to pay someone to dismantle them.

Digital radios also use more power and those who listen to high quality broadcasts of music may also be interested to know that digital broadcasters transmit a lower quality signal.

Manufacturers are pushing for enforced switch over, presumably hoping we shall all buy new radios. It is interesting that the broadcasters have now noticed that fewer people are listening to digital radio and they are asking for a delay.

Dr Charles West

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