Lib Dems' rebalanced economy to boost manufacturing

Local Campaigner Dr Charles West today welcomed Liberal Democrats new policy to rebalance the economy.

Dr West said: "The industrial revolution started in Shropshire, and Shrewsbury still has some valuable engineering industries, but the decline of manufacturing has affected Shrewsbury like everywhere else.

"We need a new generation of engineers and a new culture that values the manufacturing businesses that we have. We need to make it easier for manufacturers to move into new, growing areas of the economy, and invest in the development of technologies for the future. We face a climate emergency that must be tackled in the next parliament. The migration of our economy to a reduced-carbon model will require much development work, and many jobs could be created modernising buildings, developing the railways and building components for renewable power generation."

Speaking at their Spring Conference in Birmingham on Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg outlined his plans for a fair economy. In his speech to conference delegates, he said:

"The recession has hurt millions of families. But the problems run deeper than just the immediate crisis. For too long, a succession of Conservative and Labour Governments have been obsessed about looking after just one square mile – the City of London. It’s time to invest in the other 100,000 square miles of Britain, creating jobs and growth that lasts for every town, city and village of this country.

"Britain is the nation of Alexander Graham Bell, Isaac Newton, and Isambard Kingdom Brunel. We have to harness that inventive spirit once again. We have been blinded for too long by the glitz of the financial services sector. Blinded to the real, solid virtue of making things. It has to change. Under the Liberal Democrats, it will change. No longer just betting on things. We will start Britain building things again."

In two policy motions at the conference, the party proposed measures to support the development of green jobs and infrastructure, including the creation of regional stock exchanges and local enterprise funds, which would facilitate investment in local businesses. They also propose that the UK’s banking system should separate the investment and retail banks.

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