A group of local health professionals is to hold a public meeting to discuss the current beds problem in the Shrewsbury area and explain what local residents can do to get involved in the campaign.

The group, which includes local doctors, both GPs and Consultants, former trust members, a solicitor and local residents has sent an open letter to Shropshire County Primary Care Trust urging them to seek funding for community care beds.
The Chair of the group, Dr Charles West said: “Over the last three years it has become increasingly common for the Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals to be full.  Patients have waited in casualty for more than twelve hours and emergency admissions have been diverted to Wolverhampton.

“The pressure on beds is damaging patient care. It is harder to find a bed for patients who need admitting to hospital, harder to care for them while in hospital and harder to ensure that patients are fully recovered before they go home.’ 

“We feel there is a strong case for community hospital beds in Shrewsbury: somewhere people can recover from serious illness and receive non-high tech treatment, which would free up beds in the RSH.”  

The figures show that the number of hospital beds in Shropshire has been declining for over 20 years and there are now fewer beds for our size of population than the rest of the country.

Dr Jacques Maurice, another Shrewsbury GP, added: “This bed crisis is now probably the biggest single thing affecting the quality of care given to patients in Shrewsbury. I would urge people to come to the meeting on 20th March to find out what is happening, and what can be done to help.”


Hosted by the Shrewsbury Community Beds Campaign Group
Saturday (20th March) at 3.30pm
The Lantern, Meadow Farm Drive, Shrewsbury, SY1 4NG
Presentation followed by Q&A and discussion about where the campaign goes from here

Note: The Shrewsbury Community Beds Campaign Group is made up of a range of local health professionals concerned at the bed situation in Shropshire.  This is not a party-political meeting – all are welcome.

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