Incinerator risks

Dear Editor,

The Tory and Labour councillors who agreed to the waste contract which depends on the Battlefield incinerator have put greed and profit before people and planet.

I remain concerned about the harm it could do to local residents and the local environment.

There is good evidence that traditional incinerators can lead to health problems including cancer and problems in pregnancy such as birth defects and miscarriage. Dioxins, the most poisonous pollutants come from burning plastics. We must make it easier to recycle plastic.

Our first objective should be to reduce the waste we produce, re-use and recycle as much as possible. It should be possible in a few years to recycle virtually everything at an affordable cost. For the rest we should use the safer technologies being developed. For those plastics that cannot be recycled there are new ultra-high temperature treatments that are much less polluting. For other waste there are bio-digesters like the one installed by Liberal Democrats in Ludlow..

An incinerator that burns a mixture of types of waste is the lazy, dangerous and polluting way to dispose of waste. For the incinerator to burn the 90,000 tonnes of waste each year needed to keep it in operation it would have to burn a great deal of recyclable waste in addition to those items that cannot be recycled.

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