Press Release sent 14th August.

Privatisation costs the NHS

NHS wasted money on private schemes.

Commenting on the NHS bill of £65bn  due to the Private Finance Initiative Local Liberal Democrat campaigner Dr Charles West said:

“Doctors have been warning about the cost of privatisation for years. The PFI gives profits to private developers at great cost to the NHS. Andrew Lansley has criticised the previous government for wasting £300m on private operations, X-rays and scans. But the latest NHS White paper could open the door to privatisation on a scale that we have not seen since 1949.”

Risk to Royal Shrewsbury Hospital

“Not only does the use of private companies waste money”, said Dr West, “it risks the very future of NHS hospitals. The Royal Shrewsbury Hospital would only need to lose a proportion of its patients to private providers to threaten its very viability.

“Private healthcare companies are already looking with great interest at the NHS White Paper. The Public must put pressure now on politicians to close the loopholes that would allow massive privatisation of the NHS.”

For further information contact:

Dr Charles West

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