Liberal Democrats firm up opposition to NHS reforms

At their Regional conference in Bromsgrove today Liberal Democrats sent a strong message to Nick Clegg and party leaders. Andrew Lansley’s Health Bill needs fundamental amendment or should be rejected entirely.

Speaker after speaker criticised Lansley’s ‘radical shake up’ of the NHS as unnecessary, ill-conceived, disruptive and damaging. It was pointed out that at a time when satisfaction with the NHS was at an all time high, ministers were trying to rubbish the NHS by quoting misleading or false statistics.

The motion was carried unanimously, with no abstentions.

Dr Charles West, who proposed the motion, commented:

“Almost no-one wants to hand over the care of the NHS to a series of private companies; but even without the threat of creeping privatisation the Lansley proposals will be disruptive and damaging. They will inevitably lead to fragmentation and duplication of service with increased bureaucracy and costs. They threaten the fundamental principles of a comprehensive and equitable service to all patients throughout the country. I was delighted to have such strong support from our conference today.

“We look to Nick Clegg to take a lead in the defence of our National Health Service.”

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