To listen vb: ‘to give attention to someone or something in order to hear them’

There are two sorts of listening.
There is listening as in:
“We’ll set up a forum, and we’ll chose who comes and what they say.”
“We’ll listen to you telling us how choice and competition will make things better. But we won’t let you talk about competition between ‘any willing provider’ because we are going to have a special discussion document about that.
“We’ll listen to how education can support the changes we want to introduce, but we won’t listen to your worries about how teaching hospitals will teach new surgeons when there aren’t any patients left because they have all been whisked away by the competition.
“Oh, and while we are listening, staff will continue to leave the PCTs, most of the deadlines for GPs to get organised will remain, so another two months down the line we will be able to say it’s too late to go back.”

And then there is listening as in:
I’m here, what do you want to tell me?

Government launches NHS listening exercise
‘Prime Minister David Cameron, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, and Health Secretary Andrew Lansley today launched the Government’s listening exercise.’

Cameron, Clegg and Lansley each told us that they were going to listen, but for listeners they did an awful lot of talking. Why are they listening now? The Health and Social Care Bill has already had its second reading and finished the committee stage. Why didn’t they listen when GPs, Consultants, Hospital Managers, the NHS confederation, Nurses, the BMA and academic experts like the Kings Fund all told them that their plans for the NHS would damage the NHS, break up the NHS, perhaps even kill the NHS?
OK readers; if they are listening we had better tell them. You had better tell them. There are serious, serious threats to the comprehensive and free healthcare that we call the NHS.

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3 Responses to To listen vb: ‘to give attention to someone or something in order to hear them’

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  2. Roger Sibley says:

    At last I have heard a Liberal Democrat speak who understands that the NHS will be quickly destroyed if this appalling NHS Bill receives Royal Assent. Your interview on Radio 4 Today was a shaft of light that ought to wake up Liberal Democrat MPs to the great betrayal of the NHS and the British people that this Bill represents.

    Liberal Democrat MP’s and Peers must heed your warning that the Bill is a one way street to privatised services with no way back no matter how badly things go wrong.

    You also rightly highlighted the immense danger that integrated healthcare will disappear as individual services are contracted out to commercial organisations who will provide no medical services or treatment outside their contractual obligations.

    The joint NHS statement by Nick Clegg and Shirley Williams is utterly unconvincing that the amendments tabled will protect the NHS from the predatory private health providers who are backed by large investors and the same unprincipled advisers and supporters who have corrupted and ruined much of the global banking system.

    The survival of the NHS is what matters, not Nick Clegg – he is doomed already.

    This Bill must not stand. It will destroy the NHS and cause the break up of the United Kingdom as rebellion against London spreads.

    Ex Liberal Democrat member and supporter of 30 years. I will rejoin if and when the Party regains its principles under a trustworthy Leader who has conviction, sound judgement and not given to empty phrases.

    • Charles West says:

      Thank you Roger.
      I fervently hope that we shall have good news for you from Gateshead.
      If we don’t I think that you will be joined by further resignations.

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