Breast scandal blows up in Lansley’s face

If Andrew Lansley thought that things were starting to go smoothly for his plans to break up the NHS then the scandal of the breast implants could not have come at a worse time.

Breast implants were made on the cheap to maximise profits.

These cheap French implants were inserted by private clinics who did not keep adequate records.

Now that that the implants have been shown to be substandard who will put things right?

Not the French manufacturer, they have gone out of business.

Will the NHS pick up the bill?

Is this yet another example, just like the banks, where profits are privatised and losses are nationalised.

Writing in today’s Times Professor Martin McKee draws on the unsatisfactory experience that the NHS suffered from private treatment centres introduced by the last Labour government.

Last week seven of the Nation’s most senior experts in Public Health called on the Prime Minister to drop the Health Bill which would bring about “unprecedented marketisation” in the NHS will threaten its integrity and increase inequality round the country.[1]

Yesterday David Cameron ordered health and social care services to be brought together. He has told Andrew Lansley to drive through changes that will integrate services.[2]

But Lansley’s Health Bill would give private companies a bigger role in the NHS.

It would make every hospital function as a separate unit.

It would make private clinics and NHS hospitals to compete.

It would allow hospitals and clinics to go bankrupt.

That is a recipe for disintegration not for integration.

Poor Mr Lansley must be feeling confused.

It is not too late to drop the Health Bill.

Charles West

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One Response to Breast scandal blows up in Lansley’s face

  1. Colin Dowse says:

    It gives me no great pleasure to agree with every word – yet again the losses have been privatised, Col

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