Lib Dems fight for the NHS steps up a gear

Lib Dem members are today being invited to sign a petition to the Party leaders. 

We the undersigned Liberal Democrats call on the leadership of the party to withdraw their support for Andrew Lansley’s Health and Social Care Bill.

The Bill remains a threat to the fundamental principles of the NHS, and is widely criticised as creating “disruption and distraction” that hinders reforming services and releasing savings. Many authoritative independent commentators are now calling for its withdrawal, while the Government has totally failed to convince either the public or NHS staff that the Bill will improve the NHS.

Such a top-down imposed re-organisation was specifically ruled out in the coalition agreement and we call on our Parliamentarians to listen to the clear voice of party, public and NHS opinion and withdraw their support for the Bill.


Please add your support and pass the weblink to as many Liberal Democrats as possible.

Charles West, Graham Winyard, Martin Tod, Prateek Buch, Robert Hutchison, Spencer Hagard, Sandra Gidley

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7 Responses to Lib Dems fight for the NHS steps up a gear

  1. The NHS needs changing. Lansley has not made the health bill work

    • Charles West says:

      Thank You Don,
      You are quite right.
      No-one denies that we need both improvements in service and to seek maximum efficiency.
      One of the frustrations of this awful Lansley Bill is that it is distracting everyone from looking at the real issues, demographic and technological pressures, service improvements and the greater integration of social care and community and hospital care.
      It is well known that every time the NHS re-organises there is a blight on real progress of about three years while managers all shuffle around trying to secure jobs in the new organisation.

  2. Richard Coe says:

    Satisfaction with the NHS was at all time high and unit costs are low compared to those in other similar countires with higher private sector provision. There is always room for improvement, but the NHS is an institution we can generally be proud of.

  3. Liam Rodden says:

    The Liberal Democrates will be cinders grass members roots dont pressurise our parlimentary colleagues to drop this bill. A YouGov poll (12/02/12) found widepread opposition to the Coalition’s Health and Social Care Bill:
    18% support the reforms; 48% oppose.
    19% think increasing competition will improve NHS services but 49% disagree.
    23% think the Coalition should continue with the NHS reforms but 50% think they should be abandoned
    Please listen to what the public say, not to do so is unforgivable.

    • Charles West says:

      Thank you Liam,
      You are quite right.
      Interestingly the opinion among doctors and other NHS workers is even stronger. And one interesting feature of a series of polls of GPs is that as time goes by and they learn more about the Health and Social Care Bill they become more firmly opposed to it.
      I am determined to do what I can, and I am grateful to you for your support.

  4. Derek says:

    “Step up a gear”? So presumably by that you mean that the Lib Dems are using their position in government to influence the policy they think should be delivered? Oh, no, what you really mean is sign a petition. Well whoopee, I’m glad we’ve got people thinking hard about this. I mean come on, even Ed Miliband, as incompetent and pathetic as he is, managed to muster up support for a huge epetition!

    If Lib Dems can’t face the facts of life in big boy politics then they should all crawl back under the rock they’ve spent the last couple of decades hiding beneath.

    • Charles West says:

      Thanks Derek, it may look like that where you are sitting, but if you have been following the media you will see that there has been a lot more action going on. And I can assure you that what you see in the media is a small part of the work.
      Charles West

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