Paris: Life goes on.


Place de La République: personal witness.

Three days on and Paris is very much ‘open for business’. Place de La République was packed. There were concentric circles round the statue: first flowers then small groups, couples and individuals whom I took to be family, friends and well-wishers. Next were the messages, chalked on the paving or spelt out in candles. Outside that were those of us who claimed no greater connection to this tragedy than the fact we see ourselves as part of  humanity and wanting, wishing and hoping to see a better world.

In the final, outermost circle were the media: cameras on tripods, floodlights and long fluffy microphones all tied by cables to vans with satellite dishes on their rooves.

Press and the media

Paris: the World bears witness


All was sombre and respectful, but Paris is not afraid. Paris lives on. Good luck Paris.


Daylight reveals the flowers and cards in the rain.

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