My Cassandra Moment

Sometimes I feel a bit like Cassandra, remember her? She was the lady blessed with the gift of prophesy and the curse that no-one would believe her.
Today’s “news”:
1) Owen Smith warns that the Conservatives have ‘secret’ plans to privatise the NHS.
2) Some people have been taking too much money out of their pension pots.
On 1) I have been campaigning against the privatisation of the NHS for years. I successfully took an amendment on the subject to the Liberal Democrat National Conference in 2008. That was when Owen Smith’s New Labour colleagues were at it. And I fought hard against the Lansley sponsored Health and Social Care Act of 2012, a bill that was shamefully supported by Nick Clegg, Paul Burstow and Norman Lamb.
On 2) it was obvious (and I said so) that when the government allowed people to take out the capital from their pension funds some would leave themselves without an adequate pension. If you tell someone who feels poor that their pension fund is worth Β£100,000s some will be tempted to get their hands on it without realising that they will need that if they live another 30 years. It all seems rather cynical when one considers that those who have accessed funds in this way pay tax at their top rate.
In a rare departure from good sense Steve Webb even said he was quite happy if people drew out their pension funds and bought a Lamborghini.
So do you want to know what disasters I am predicting today?
No you don’t because you won’t believe them anyway.

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