The Last Dying Days of Brexit?

One day someone wiser than me will catalogue all the errors made by politicians in this whole Brexit debacle.
David Cameron promised his warring Party that he would call a referendum fully thinking that he would not win an outright majority in the 2015 General election.
He called the referendum fully thinking that Remain would win.
From there on error compounded error.
A simple yes/no poll was allowed when most organisations would expect either repeated votes or a two thirds majority before undertaking major constitutional change.
There were major breaches of electoral law and campaign expenditure. It is also pretty clear now that there was also foreign interference.
It is a sad irony that if the referendum had been mandatory then it could have been overturned because of the law-breaking, but as it was only advisory that did not apply.
Despite the clear position that the result was only advisory, Theresa May has apparently been determined to carry it through whatever the cost to the UK, or anyone else.
The Prime Minister triggered Article 50 without having a clue what sort of deal she would get, or even what she wanted.
The government sent a continuous succession of incompetent ministers to negotiate on our behalf.

At the eleventh hour it seems that both the country and its politicians are drawing back from this massive act of self-harm. A large march will promote the modest and reasonable request for a second referendum. And in less than 24 hours over a million people have signed a petition to revoke Article 50.

At the time of writing I have no idea what will happen, nor I suspect does anyone. What is certain is that whatever the outcome, those who promoted the proposal that the UK should leave the EU have done enormous and permanent damage to the economy, the reputation and the social cohesion of our country.

The Death of Europe, or just the UK?

You can drive a car with three wheels, but why would you?


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