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The Last Dying Days of Brexit?

One day someone wiser than me will catalogue all the errors made by politicians in this whole Brexit debacle. David Cameron promised his warring Party that he would call a referendum fully thinking that he would not win an outright … Continue reading

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Is another war inevitable?

I want to start with a quote: “Every modern state is governed by the privileged, that is, by those who control industry by owning railroads, lands, mines, banks, and credit. These men thus obtain enormous and unearned capital, for which … Continue reading

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You can drive a car with three wheels, but why would you?

If the UK is to leave the EU it is possible that doing so may make the world a little bit fairer, so maybe it is time to look on the bright side. Continue reading

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We needed a revolution, but not this one

It feels as if I am waking from a nightmare; a nightmare where we have turned out backs on our friends, we have turned our backs on cooperation over trade, culture, science, care of the environment, security and the control … Continue reading

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The Death of Europe, or just the UK?

I can’t believe that the sun is still shining this morning. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has just voted to leave the European Union. 52% of those voting chose to leave. There will be pundits with … Continue reading

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Are the Tories losing their grip?

It may not have escaped your notice that I am not the greatest fan of the Conservative Party. For those of us who believe that the Conservative Party promotes a divided society which puts opportunities for the strong above caring … Continue reading

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Spot the difference

How good it is to be able to welcome (much of) a speech from Nick Clegg. Liberal Democrats are different from the Tories. Yes, indeed. That is the message that Liberal Democrat Party members have been trying to get across … Continue reading

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Lib Dems' rebalanced economy to boost manufacturing

Local Campaigner Dr Charles West today welcomed Liberal Democrats new policy to rebalance the economy. Dr West said: "The industrial revolution started in Shropshire, and Shrewsbury still has some valuable engineering industries, but the decline of manufacturing has affected Shrewsbury … Continue reading

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