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The Last Dying Days of Brexit?

One day someone wiser than me will catalogue all the errors made by politicians in this whole Brexit debacle. David Cameron promised his warring Party that he would call a referendum fully thinking that he would not win an outright … Continue reading

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My Cassandra Moment

Sometimes I feel a bit like Cassandra, remember her? She was the lady blessed with the gift of prophesy and the curse that no-one would believe her. Today’s “news”: 1) Owen Smith warns that the Conservatives have ‘secret’ plans to … Continue reading

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The Death of Europe, or just the UK?

I can’t believe that the sun is still shining this morning. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has just voted to leave the European Union. 52% of those voting chose to leave. There will be pundits with … Continue reading

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We can show those French a thing or two

We got off the ferry at Dover with a crowd of Belgians, French and Germans. The lorries were from further East, Poland, Czech republic or Latvia, but the cars and motorcycles were mostly from Western Europe. We had driven two … Continue reading

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Your hospital could be closed or taken over without any consultation.

In the law of the jungle we see nature red in tooth and claw, dog eats dog, might is right, competition is king and the playground bully rules the roost. In a civilised society, however we have different values. We … Continue reading

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Ask not for whom the bell tolls, Ding dong.

I am sorry if I should seem to be a ‘misery guts’ but I do not see this as a time for celebration or rejoicing. I cannot rejoice at the death of another human being. Nor can I celebrate the … Continue reading

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The Great Easter Egg Hunt

It was a lovely afternoon; the sun shone and the first cheerful daffodils were poking up through the lingering patches of snow. The gardens were extensive with steps up to the terrace and an orchard down at the bottom, beyond … Continue reading

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Flyers for Lib Dem conference tomorrow

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Emergency Motion latest text

Flyers for Lib Dem Conference tomorrow

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Who’s to blame for Stafford?

This article is by an academic at one of the UK’s senior universities. The argument he raises is, in my view, of great importance and I am happy to reproduce it here, with permission. C.W. It’s not the nurses What … Continue reading

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