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Enough is enough.

Call me naΓ―ve if you like, but I still believe that most politicians go into the business because they want to make the world a better place. They may lose their way, become seduced by the sense of their own … Continue reading

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Lib Dems to be offered radical new Health Policy

I shall go to Glasgow this weekend with a group of others to promote ourΒ new policy on the NHS. After a year of deliberations, a policy working group set up by Liberal Democrats failed to reach agreement. Two policy documents … Continue reading

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Where next for the NHS?

As we read of another scandal of neglect and cruelty in a privately run nursing home, as we hear that competition law is blocking the co-operation between NHS providers in Torbay and in Bournemouth and Poole, as we hear of … Continue reading

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Astonishing leaked NHS document.

A revealing document has come to light that gives insight into the Coalition Government’s plans for the NHS. It would seem to be an early draft of the section in the coalition agreement that was dropped in favour of reassurances … Continue reading

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Promises, promises

No self-respecting Liberal Democrat MP or Peer can let these regulations go through until promises have been met: Promises from Andrew Lansley to Commissioning Group GPs, Promises from Lord Howe to Lib Dem Peer Tim Clement Jones, Promises from Nick … Continue reading

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How they plan to bribe your GP not to treat you.

One of the problems with the New NHS that has attracted relatively little notice is something with the Orwellian name of the “Quality Premium”. Like the Ministry of Plenty that controls the ration books, or the Ministry of Information that … Continue reading

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Spot the difference

How good it is to be able to welcome (much of) a speech from Nick Clegg. Liberal Democrats are different from the Tories. Yes, indeed. That is the message that Liberal Democrat Party members have been trying to get across … Continue reading

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Conference call to overturn Clegg’s support of NHS breakup

At the Liberal Democrat conference last Weekend representatives debated a motion that suggested that the changes made to Lansley’s Health Bill were good and great. They were so good and great, it was suggested by the Party Leadership, that we … Continue reading

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Nick Clegg and Shirley Williams reassure MPs

Much effort has been expended by Liberal Democrat leadership to persuade their MPs and Peers, Party members and the general public that they have somehow radically improved Lansley’s disasterous Health and Social Care Bill. It would seem that so far … Continue reading

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Signs of Panic on the Front Bench

In a last ditch attempt to head off opposition to the Lansley plan for the break up of the NHS Nick Clegg has written to every Liberal Democrat in Parliament. For weeks ministers have been telling us that the Health … Continue reading

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